October 14 to 18 2013

Business trip with Swiss partners Social Business Earth

The objective of the trip was to identify business opportunities in the villages in the regions of central and eastern Slovakia.


26th-27th 2nd 2014 Station Zárečie, Žilina

Training for mayors and volunteers on the formation of municipal enterprises

The event was designed to clarify the mechanisms of the functioning of business, inspiring examples of good practice and provide an opportunity for the establishment of cooperation between volunteers and municipalities. One of the outputs of the training manual for mayors and volunteers on the formation of municipal enterprises.

26 to 28 March 2014

Training for mayors and municipal managers of enterprises to the development of strategies for social entrepreneurship

The training was held in cooperation with the National Democratic Institute. The aim of the training was to clarify the setting of development and the creation of social business strategies and practical development of business plans for existing, respectively. potential municipal enterprises.