Catalogue business opportunities arose as a response to the request of governments, create and describe summary of possible economic activities, adequate for business communities. In recent years can be seen growing interest communities in the establishment and operation of municipal companies, which inherently fulfill the criteria so. “Social enterprises”. It is natural that in this case seeking filling activities and appropriate focus.

In the introduction we want to emphasize that the catalog business opportunity is for illustrative purposes only, which is intended to only about orientate and inspire governments and NGOs to get a basic idea of ​​the possible activities.

Municipality and business

Village at the commencement of business enters into an environment that is designed legislative and becomes corporates like everyone else. As well as the selection and targeting activities for her opportunities and rules apply as for any other entity. In other words, as a filling of your business can choose any, which allows legislation related to business. Activities offered catalogs are therefore only indicative zooming options that we have chosen the experience of the establishment and operation of social enterprises. As well as individual items, attributable to the designed activities are indicative, prices or technology staffing depend on many factors and it is always important to take into account the specific conditions and potential Contractor.

Building of social enterprise

In creating general social enterprise is necessary to complete the process, which is not only formal (determining the form and appearance) and can not be superficial (which we may seem t. Kt. Activity would be for us “about” was interesting). The process begins with a detailed audit resources of the village, from the personal, spatial, financial, technical and technological, to natural resources, as well as analysis of the development potential of the village in a wide range. Up on the basis that it is possible to commence the preparation of a strategy of social enterprise, develop a business plan and formalize entity. We must not forget that the preparation of a social enterprise we access more responsible than the other of either individual or municipal activity mainly due to the fact that it is the management and enhancement of public resources.

We believe that the catalog will help to support the development of social entrepreneurship and help with creation of new development trends, particularly in communities with serious social problems.

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