The project promotes and supports community-based businesses to increase employment of people disadvantaged in the labor market, the aim is also to identify business opportunities that will allow selected municipalities to establish a stable social Prodnik and then create new jobs for people with various forms of disadvantage, we work with the following 12 municipalities Banská Bystrica, Prešov and Košice regions that have the potential to establish a general social enterprise.

Chminianske Jakubovany

The territory of the municipality Chminianske Jakubovany located in the southwestern part Saris, in the western part of the Šarišská Highlands, is a region of Presov Presov district. The village is currently 2,036 inhabitants, of which the colony of about 1,579 Roma. Municipal enterprise is engaged in apiculture and is interested in its expansion.


Predators lie on the main road no. 18 of Levoca to Poprad about 8 km from Levoca, currently the village has around 740 inhabitants. The Roma community in the past in the village were not major problems. Today, due to their unemployment decreased standard of living and behavior has changed for the worse, especially among the younger generation. Municipal enterprise should be directed to different construction and demolition. Needed are training courses for the unemployed.


The village Hrabušice I called the gateway to the Slovak Paradise. The village is located in the western part Hornádska Basin and belongs to the district Ves. The village has a large proportion of the Roma minority. The village has recently booming tourism and tourism construction pensions and caterers. Municipal enterprise should address the construction work and various minor services.


The village lies in Kladzany Ondavská spur of the Eastern lowlands, in the district of Vranov. The village has unused building of the apiary, which would like to once again for rearing bees, we would like to give the sheep, the production of firewood and large unused municipal land would like to cultivate fast-growing tree species. In the next village Kučín is more than 50% of the population of Roma origin and would like to work with them.

St. Anton

The village is situated in the district of Banská Štiavnica, works in the village municipal undertaking, among other things, maintains and operates public spaces pastry shop but would like to improve its results. In the future they would like to devote the production of paving and building production for municipal needs.


The village is located in Rimavská Saturday. Over 60% of inhabitants are Roma nationality. Municipal enterprise should be involved in the production of wood products and construction works of various kinds, for example, laying paving.

Sea Buckthorn

A tiny village with a population of about 300, a predominantly Roma and Hungarian minority with great potential. Activities of the company should focus on farming, horses, etc..

Pečovská Nová Ves

The village is located in the district of Sabinov, has about 2,600 inhabitants, of which 550 Roma live in the village about 1km from the village. Municipal enterprise should arise in the area of the former brickworks, which is due to be working incubator, which should address RECOVERED economy, composting and construction and carpentry business.


The village is located in the district Ves, the 1870 population of 670 Roma. Municipal enterprise should be focused on the renovation and construction work for the municipality, wastewater treatment and care services for single pensioners.

Krompachy – OZ “People and perspective”

Civic Association “People and perspective” was founded in 2003 to engage in solutions and problem solving social problems, especially the disadvantaged, citizens of Krompachy. Run assembly parts, in the context of a sheltered workshop, which mainly employ Roma women and the disabled.


Village with almost 3,500 inhabitants is the largest municipality in the district of Gelnica. There is a large Roma community and high unemployment.


Project supported by the Swiss-Slovak cooperation in the enlarged European Union.