Social Enterprise is a way of doing business, which combines the principles of business and societal challenges (which is why in some countries called the “fourth sector”).

Social enterprise applies the principles of ordinary business entity, as well as common business entity produces and sells goods or services. The only difference is that the profit which creates a social enterprise, not redistribution between shareholders or founders of the company, but it is used for addressing a particular social problem. Numerous traders promotes socially responsible activities, but the difference between socially responsible businesses and social enterprises is precisely in the use of profit.

General social enterprise

Social entrepreneurship is becoming an increasingly popular tool for addressing issues such as. unemployment of disadvantaged groups, particularly in an environment of small municipalities. In this case, the founder of the social enterprise community and social enterprise controlled by the local council. Therefore, it is called a general social enterprise.

Identification of problems of general social enterprises

Problem in many communities in the establishment and management of social enterprise is their lack of capacity to identify real business opportunity and then develop a sustainable business plan, which in addition to standard business environment also fulfilling the conditions of social entrepreneurship. The problem is the common perception of social enterprise as an institution whose establishment and operation shall be one hundred percent publicly funded.